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Buying in your own country can be challenging enough

Buying in Italy doesn’t have to be

We’re here to make the buying process simple, smooth, secure, and enjoyable!
IBICurti is a Bologna based real estate agency with a team of licensed experts dedicated to helping foreign buyers find their dream home in Italy.

These professionals will expertly guide you through every step of the buying process, helping you navigate the intricacies of the Italian bureaucracy and language. You will receive impartial, expert advice throughout so that you can make informed, smart purchasing decisions on the right Italian property for you.

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How does it work?

At IBICurti, we believe in working collaboratively with our clients throughout the search process. Based on your needs, we’ll compile a list of potential properties, contact the listing agents to request information, and forward each to you for review. From that list, we are typically able to whittle the number of properties down to 8 – 10 properties that you’re interested in potentially seeing. 

Next, we’ll discuss each of these properties with you, viewing photos and videos, and ask you to narrow the list down a bit more. Finally, it’s time to come to Italy! We’ll schedule showings at these remaining properties and visit them with you, providing you with the pros and cons of each property.


We found a property we love. What’s next?

We’ll guide you through every step of the complex Italian
purchase process from the proposta to the rogito (and after!).

Every agent at IBICurti is a fully licensed realtor who will help you
navigate the process, completing due diligence, arranging
inspections, and making sure the property and sale are in full
compliance with the law.

Why use IBICurti?

Save time and energy

There’s no need to get frustrated and spend hours searching the web and sending emails that go unanswered! You’ll have a dedicated agent at your disposal who will shoulder the burden of researching properties, contacting agents, and setting up showings.
Someone who is an expert in the buying process that will help you every step of the way and will show you only the properties that fit your needs. Our clients frequently tell us that working with IBICurti on the purchase of their Italian dream home was so smooth and easy.

Save money

By law, real estate agents in Italy must be impartial. However, it’s not difficult to imagine the seller’s agent being more interested in the seller’s interests rather than yours. With IBICurti, you’ll always have someone on your side, expertly navigating the process and negotiating for the best offer. You’ll know the full costs of buying your property up front – no hidden costs or fees – when working with us.

Access to exclusive, unlisted properties

While many properties in Italy are listed on the internet, there are many others that never reach the open market, reaching potential buyers only by word of mouth. Many agencies also maintain a list of properties that MAY be on the market, but aren’t officially.

When working with IBICurti, you’ll have access to these properties through our extensive network of contacts throughout the Italian peninsula.

Save money

Confidentiality and anonymity

We understand that confidentiality and anonymity are very
important to some clients. At IBICurti we are happy to work with
you regarding your privacy in the property search and absolutely
willing to work under non-disclosure agreements.


Purchase process for buying property in Italy

1. The Italian Fiscal Code
(Codice Fiscale)

This is the fundamental first step in your buying process. This code is based on your last name, first name, place of birth, and date of birth. You must have a Codice Fiscale to make a purchase offer on a property.

2. Opening an International or Italian Bank account

You’ll need a bank account that lets you move money more quickly than a wire transfer. Many of our clients choose Wise, which is an internet based bank that allows you to hold and move money in multiple currencies easily. If you prefer a traditional bank based in Italy, we can help with that, too.

3. The Offer
(Proposta di Acquisto)

You’ve found your dream home and we’ve negotiated a price that you are happy with. Now it’s time to write the formal Purchase Offer, which must be in writing. We’ll prepare this together in both English and Italian. Once signed by you, this legally binding document is sent to the seller, along with proof of payment of the first installment of the deposit (Caparra Confirmatoria), typically between €5,000 and €15,000.

The proposal will also establish a preliminary timeline and conditions of the sale. After the seller has accepted the offer, the property will be withdrawn from the market and further due diligence will begin to make sure the property is free and clear of all encumbrances.

4. Preliminary Sales Agreement

The preliminary sales agreement typically happens 30 days after the offer has been accepted. This contract carefully spells out in detail the full legal description of the property, purchase price and conditions, completion date (if the property is under construction), and other legal details. It also officially establishes the closing date. At this point the seller has to state in writing that the property is free of all encumbrances, legal or financial. Once signed, the second portion of the deposit will be due, which can range from 10% to 30% of the purchase price.

5. Closing | (Rogito)

This is it!
Closing day. The official act of the closing and signing of the deed (Rogito) typically marks the end of the process. Both parties must be present in the notary’s office, but in case you can’t make it for this exciting event, it is possible for us to arrange power of attorney (Procura) for you.

The deed and notarial documents will be signed, the balance paid, and the keys handed over to you. Congratulations!! It’s time to break out the Spumante!


  • Applying for the Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) on your behalf
  • Help with opening an Italian bank account
  • Research and selection of properties based on your criteria
  • Clearly explaining to you the taxes associated with the purchase of your Italian dream home
  • Contacting selling agents, requesting information and documents
  • Negotiating and drafting a purchase offer (Proposta)
  • Providing translations of all contractual documents
  • Setting up inspections
  • Selecting a notary (Notaio)
  • Drafting of a preliminary sales contract (Compromesso) and its registration
  • Setting up utilities after the closing
  • Due diligence
  • Ensuring that the property meets all urban planning laws
  • Checking the validity of the Energy Rating Certificate
  • Ensuring that the property has a certificate of habitability (where required)
  • Working with the seller’s agent to resolve any possible property inconsistencies
  • Fully examining and resolving any possible preemptive property rights, including those of the state, city, and previous owners
  • Checking for and dealing with any encumbrances, easements, or third party rights
  • Studying and explaining clearly to you all HOA/Condominium aspects, fees, and projects
  • Thoroughly checking the title deed for any issues or inconsistencies before the closing
  • Drawing up of power of attorney documents
  • Registration of final sale contract

the TEAM

property manager bologna - ibi curti

Justin Curtis Mavity

Justin, a former resident of Denver, Colorado, brings his passion for helping others and spirit of teamwork together with his love of Italy to the table to help his clients find their Italian dream home. Before beginning his career in Italian real estate, Justin spent more than a decade teaching music in the United States before moving to Europe.

A fully licensed and bilingual Italian realtor (license BO/571282), Justin is known for his enthusiasm, energy, and attention to every client. At IBICurti, Justin is dedicated to providing a superior level of customer service to help every client find and buy their Italian dream home.

andrea curti di ibi curti bologna

Andrea curti

A native of Bologna, Andrea has been working since 2009 alongside his father, Carlo, in the management of the family agency, preserving and respecting the values and ethics that it stands for. His strategic vision and ability to anticipate market challenges are key elements of the agency’s continued success. Meeting Justin has given rise to an exciting new challenge.
The philosophy is simple: listen carefully to clients, understand their unique and diverse needs, and offer them customized solutions to enable them to achieve their goals.
Our commitment is to make the journey home an enlightening experience.


The figures here are a rough estimate of the costs involved in buying your dream home in Italy.
These figures are intended as guidelines only and do not represent a quote or legally binding agreement.

  • Agency fees (commission): A buyer can generally expect to pay between 3 and 6% on the purchase price + 22% VAT in commission in Italy.
  • Purchase taxes: We can break these taxes down into a few major categories covering the majority of purchases:
    • Buying from a private seller: Generally, if you are buying as a second home, the purchase tax will be 9% of the cadastral land value. If it’s going to be your primary residence, this comes down to 2%. The minimum in either case is €1000. There are also two smaller taxes of €50 each.
    • Buying from a builder or construction company: If you’re buying directly from a builder, things change a bit. You’ll be charged 4% VAT on the sale price of the home if it’s going to be your primary residence or 10% if it’s going to be a second home. There is no minimum, however, there are three smaller taxes each in the amount of €200.
    • Luxury properties are taxed at 9% of the cadastral land value plus two smaller €50 fees if they are used as a primary residence. Second homes are taxed at a whopping 22% VAT plus three smaller €200 fees. If buying from a builder, luxury properties are charged 22% VAT based on the sale price whether it is a primary or a second home.
    • Agricultural properties and vineyards: If you’re a full time (60%+) farmer, you’ll enjoy a 1% tax on the sale price (minimum €1,000), plus two smaller €200 fees. If not, there is a 15% tax based on the sale price (minimum €1,000) plus two smaller €50 fees.
  • Notary fees: These vary from purchase to purchase, depending on the complexity of the contract, value of the property, and work the notary must do to complete their due diligence and prepare the deed. Fees for a typical transaction can range from €1,000 – 2,000.
  • Mortgage origination fee (only if you need a mortgage): The average fee is around 3%
  • Home inspection fees: Generally less then €1,000

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