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What sets us apart, in addition to out many years of experience in the area, is a range of cutting-edge services that are constantly being updated to keep up with the new needs of our clients.


PROPERTY MANAGEMENT is our specialty.
What does it entail?
The property manager is a professional that manages the property on behalf of the owner in order to protect and increase the value of the real estate asset. Given the importance of the service, it is important to rely on professionals with the right experience, and we at IBI Curti have more than 40 years of experience in the real estate industry.


Find Your Italian Dream Home!
Our property finder service will help you to find the right property for you ANYWHERE in Italy. Our dedicated professionals will be with you every step of the way, representing your interests, and making the buying process secure, smooth, and easy.
property finder bologna


Among our many services, IBI Curti also specializes in short- and long-term rentals. We’ll take care of all of the bureaucracy, guaranteeing ideal rental conditions for both property owners and tenants.


The best way for a potential buyer to get to know your home is to welcome them into it. How? With our OPEN HOUSE service. This marketing technique aims to let potential buyers get to know your home. The open house normally takes place on one or two weekend days wither for a limited number of hours or for the whole day, but is always scheduled according to the client’s needs.


We all know how important it is to be CONNECTED in this day and age.
This is why our marketing strategy for your property includes marketing on Facebook, a social media platform that allows us to:


Authorized Signage, Industry Magazines

Your property is assured maximum visibility not only in Bologna, but in Italy and beyond via our network of online and print advertising partners.


On site professional photographer

Want to enhance the value of your property? DIY photos won’t cut it!
Trust someone who has the experience and the right contacts to make your home look PERFECT in the eyes of potential buyers. IBI Curti is able to provide professional photographic services that will showcase the potential of your property and, via our team of experts, endure that your property will be promoted to a targeted audience of clients who might be most interested in your home.
Let us take care of that: we can work wonders with a few high-quality photos.


Make your home even more APPEALING to potenital buyers with IBI Curti.
Everything you need is included with our HOME STAGING and 3D RENDERING services.
Through appropriate arrangements of furnishings and 3D reconstructions of interior spaces, we can improve your home’s image and thus promote its sale more quickly.


Almost everyone checks their email daily.
This is why EMAIL MARKETING has to be a part of your advertising strategy.
Simple and effective, e-mail marketing is the perfect method for piquing the curiosity of potential buyers and encouraging them to reach out for further information or to visit – at least virtually – the properties they’ve received.


IBI Curti’s direct acquisition service has 4 distinct advantages:

  1. It’s the ideal service for those who don’t want to deal with long negotiations and wait for the completion of the sale process – which can potentially be longer than predicted
  2. You don’t have to worry about finding the right buyer with the right financial guarantees
  3. Bureaucratic paperwork? We’ve got that covered
  4. Immediately collect on the value of your property
acquisto diretto agenzia immobiliare bologna


Finding and choosing the right mortgage for you can be difficult, especially if it’s something you haven’t done it before.
At IBI Curti you’ll find everything you need to buy, sell, or rent: our financial consultants will help you make the right choice for you. Our financial consultants can speak English and also specialize in helping foreign clients!

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